”Future forecast” like weather forecast

Our sales network/experience value /data obtained by our implementation, Partnership data / solution Combined,causing innovation in the Asian region, We can provide a service that provides new value.

爆買い 中国本土 花王メリーズ 今後の傾向

Asian region market demand forecast

Foresee "Asian market " ,We are carrying out business. Specifically, the demand forecast for foreign visitors to Japan is established data and EC data.So,Retailers will be able to optimize product development and availability, Financials to predict growth stocks and companies.

It is using machine learning.

爆買い 中国本土 花王メリーズ 花王 株価 関係

Using machine learning

Current needs are not only in Japan but also in Asian region, so even manufacturers can not read their own product needs.Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and predict client trends and EC data almost covers the buyers who buy large buyers who visit japan at a large quantity and before hand which products are manufactured/ sold before hand by using machine learning and predict .

IOT ペッパー IBM Bluemix ワトソン 未来予測 トレーニングなし

Human and IOT is buddy

By using IOT, the results analyzed by AI can be used without any training.

This case, we use IOT as Pepper, AI as IBM Blue Mix service.

In order to charge data, we issue permission to use after face authentication.

IOT ペッパー IBM Bluemix ワトソン 未来予測 トレーニングなし