Great-wall-buying "爆買い"


[Behavior immediately before purchasing]

Just before purchase:Send images to friends, acquaintance and consider.

Immediately after purchase:Send image to a friend, acquaintance.


In other words, how to shoot when purchased,

"How quickly / while fresh" the SNS / Chat up!

by 日本電信電話株式会社先端技術総合研究所


From commodity price fluctuation

"great-wall-buying" target item extraction, peak (introduction / peak / end) analysis,


We will compare with domestic demand trend in Japan etc.


3.Microfinance support

Estimate of products to be purchased / offer of contract,From the behavior history of the buyer, we will conduct credit check / accounts guarantee etc. In addition, buyers are wealthy people such as mainland China, so we present procurement history etc, we also offer wealthy marketing, "great-wall-buying"creative support.


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今後:Line/TEL/wechat 対応などを順次追加予定