HA/DR Integrate unified service

HA is Humanitarian Assistance. DR is Disaster Relief.

As part of the corporate social responsibility investment, 

it is one of the enterprise's evaluation indicators and a busword that attracts huge investment.


Logistics in HA/DR, which is very confusing.

Moreover, since it occurs suddenly, it is necessary for human resources not trained to be implemented.


We can do it by VR and AI.

Without training,Required items / place / confirmation schedule etc.


· Create prediction:

   Only Make it move and realize

· Forecast:

   Only Sharing just by looking

· Results:

   Only See prediction / actual difference Sharing with just

· Knowledge:

   Only Just listening and understanding


We can do it.

Article place

Since we can implement integrated unification through VR,You can share intuitively just by looking at it.

It can be realized just by holding the goods on VR and moving it.






Actual movement

Just only push the button.

Because It do not need a power supply for sending.

It is very safe and ease send necessary information.

 So even people who can not rsend you the necessary informationead letters can work.

And it can correspond from -20 to 60 degrees.


Sending for us is also sent from the USB connection terminal.It can be installed anywhere.

Through VR, we can share intuitively just by looking at and push it.









In case of animation, we are instructing to create a logistic plan from Mumbai port in India to New Delhi and compare it with the result of implementation.


The actual operation image was posted.

Actually move things like moving building blocks.